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Crown & Bridge


Prettau® Zirconia


Prettau® Zirconia is the material of choice for frequently occurring problems like reduced available space, bruxism or ceramic chipping. It offers a functional and at the same time aesthetical solution.


This highly biocompatible and non-porous material distinguishes itself through its extremely high translucency and perfectly natural appearance. Due to these characteristics and if used in conjunction with a special colouring technique, the use of veneer ceramics can be entirely eliminated. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-zirconia restorations, i.e. the Prettau® Bridge can be realized.

IPS e.max® System  (images of emax work)


Designed with versatility, reliability and longevity in mind, IPS e.max is the unmatched in clinical success.


No matter which technique you choose, all components are available from one manufacturer. If you prefer to work with the Press technique, two different types of ingots are available: IPS e.max Press, a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and IPS e.max ZirPress, a glass-ceramic which is pressed onto zirconium oxide in a fast and efficient procedure.

Composite. (Images of composite work)


SR Nexco Paste

The lab composite SR Nexco Paste offers a lifelike appearance, layer thickness tolerance and flexibility of polymerization – working with a lab composite can be so easy.


SR Nexco Paste is a purely light-curing lab composite with micro-opal fillers which allows you to achieve a lifelike shade even if space is limited.


SR Nexco Paste restorations achieve a durable shade stability and a lasting gloss as a result of the polymerization process. SR Nexco is particularly suitable for restorations supported by metal-based frameworks, framework-free restorations and prosthetic gingiva reconstructions.





Partial and full veneers on metal-supported restorations

Pressing over of frameworks using SR Nexco Flask

Prosthetic gingiva portions for implant superstructures


Inlays / onlays / veneers

Anterior crowns

Characterization / modification of composite and resin denture teeth


Esthetics made easy due to the true-to-nature optical properties of the micro-filler material

Homogeneous and quick shade reproduction due to layer thickness tolerance

Free choice of polymerization equipment

Appealing material and handling properties

Suitable for a wide range of indications. Comprehensive Gingiva shade range

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